10 Reasons You Need a Storage Shed

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Storage sheds can be especially useful if you have a home and a yard. It’s that simple. Let’s face it – homeownership comes with a lot of responsibilities. Mowing the lawn, trimming or pulling the weeds, watering the plants, and so much more. All of these things that you need to take care of the lawn and exterior of your home take up space.

If you have kids, you will inevitably have even more stuff. After all, those kids need to burn off energy, and today’s kids are rarely satisfied with just a basketball and a hoop. Kids have bicycles, wagons, and so much more. As with the lawn care items, these items need to be stored somewhere, and your garage is only so big.

Why You Need a Storage Shed

Storage sheds provide a practical solution to your space constraints. If you have been thinking of getting a shed, consider the following list of reasons why a storage shed will make your life easier.

  1. Storage space. The most obvious reason to get a storage shed is for the storage space. Many homeowners prefer not to store lawn care items in their garage because of the potential damage caused by something knocked over. A storage space provides an effective solution to garage clutter.
  2. Man cave or she-shed. It seems this has been a popular trend, with many homeowners opting to retrofit their storage shed into get-away spaces. We all need time away occasionally, so why not get away in your own backyard?
  3. Workspace. Turn your storage shed into a crafting or potting studio. The shed will serve as a great place that keeps you outside without direct exposure to the elements. Depending on how much stuff you need to store in your shed, you can even allocate a portion to storage and the rest as a workspace. The versatility of a storage shed will be sure to pay off. Storage sheds can also make great music rooms, reading nooks, and even children’s playhouses.
  4. Value. Adding a storage shed to your backyard adds value to your property and is also a great investment in your home. You will find that in just a year or two, you will save money with your storage shed expense compared to what you would spend on a storage unit.
  5. Safety. Storage sheds can be locked, bringing great peace of mind to homeowners who want to keep potentially dangerous items away from their children. Lawnmowers, chain saws, tools, and gardening tools can be hazardous in the wrong hands. With your storage shed, you can lock those items safely away.
  6. Organization. Gone will be the days of searching through your messy garage to find what you are looking for. Storage sheds provide a secure organizational system to store your essentials. You won’t have to worry about bumping up against your car while searching for that certain something.
  7. Neatness. Many of the items we store in our garage aren’t pretty to look at. A storage shed allows you to get those items out of view and properly stored where no one needs to look at them. You’ll appreciate the ability to get organized and make your garage space look nicer.
  8. Boat and water equipment storage. If you live on a lake or near a body of water, the chances are that you have boating or other water equipment that needs to be stored. Kayaks, canoes, life vests, and other boat-related equipment take up space. Further, these items are quite valuable and need to be safely stored to prevent the risk of theft. A storage shed provides a great solution to store these items neatly until they are ready for their next use.
  9. Weather protection. Items with moving parts such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, blowers, weed-whips, etc., are not only valuable and should be locked away, but can also sustain damage with excessive exposure to the elements. Your storage shed will provide a solution to his problem as not only can these items be stored out of sight, but they will be protected from the weather as well.
  10. Neighborhood appreciation. And one final reason to get a storage shed is that your neighbors will appreciate it. Storage sheds, especially when properly maintained, create a beautiful focal point in the yard. Many homeowners landscape around their sheds so that the shed becomes a natural extension of the home and yard. Your neighbors will appreciate that all of your items are neatly stored in your shed and that you have taken the time to make your yard (and garage) look nice and presentable.
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