5 Garden Shed Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of

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If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you likely know that garden shed ideas are quite the rage. Even with summer coming to an end, Pinterest users are already thinking ahead to next spring and summer and how to take their garden shed to the next level. This is all because the typical garden shed of the past is just a faded memory. Today’s garden sheds have taken on an entirely new look and function, making them highly coveted for those looking for a she-shed, man-cave, or other unique use.

Don’t skimp on the details when transforming your garden shed

  1. The She-Shed – This is a real thing. Those looking for a she-focused get-away no longer have to resort to a make-shift corner in the dining room or basement. Now, a stand-alone shed can provide a get-away without the need to actually go away. If you are looking to create a she-shed, don’t skimp over elements such as stylish lighting, the addition of a comfortable reading chair or sofa, or even a wine fridge or gaming table. And if space allows for it, why not create the opportunity for all of the above? A fun idea you might not have considered is hiring your trusty contractor to make a hinged-cut-out of the side of your wooden shed to open up and let the sun in. Purchase or build a small bar on wheels and roll it out underneath the flip-top. Set up some bar stools, and you and your other she-friends can bask in the sun while sipping on your favorite wine, spritzer, or sangria.
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  • The Man-Cave – Tim Allen and his friends from the iconic television show would have been all over the man cave concept. Today’s man-cave can still host a workshop allowing him to craft, build, and construct to his heart’s delight, with a side of it set aside for a manly couch, large flat-screen television, kegerator, and beer fridge all ready to take in the next football game. If building your shed from scratch, or if you are handy and can make it a reality, be sure to add some soundproofing within. Who wants a man-shed where you can’t whoop it up and cheer on (or respectfully berate) your favorite basketball or football team without the neighbors calling in a noise complaint?
  • The Play-Place – Though we would never recommend this for younger children, older children will love a shed that is converted into a playhouse or youthful getaway. Boys and girls alike will love sheds that transform into castles, jails, or Wild West-inspired buildings. And if you are afraid that a play-place constructed out of a shed will keep you from paying attention to your children, don’t fret. With today’s modern technology, you can add a Ring or other camera-enabled doorbell system both in and outside of the play-place and connect to Alexa or your phone, making it easy to keep an eye on kids and ensure they are staying out of trouble.
  • The Band-Boom-Room – Many of our favorite bands of today and yesterday started out by practicing and perfecting their skills in the garage. The Ramones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and even Buddy Holly all started practicing in a home garage. But what if you could provide a space for your favorite budding musician that didn’t compromise your car’s ability to park in the garage? Today’s storage sheds can easily be converted into boom-rooms where musicians can play the drums, guitar, and keyboards until their hearts are content. A little soundproofing and insulation will be appreciated by neighbors and keep musicians in their personalized spaces for longer.
  • The Garden-Oasis – Of course, garden sheds can be used for their original purpose – a garden shed. But today’s garden sheds contain far more than a wooden bench, bag of potting soil, seeds, and some pots. Master gardeners have been known to convert their storage sheds into garden paradises, complete with shrub-lined cobblestone paths leading up to the shed’s front door. After all, why not take advantage of a gardener’s mad gardening skills and turn the shed into an aesthetically pleasing focal point for the yard?
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Personalizing your garden shed

Regardless of how you will use your garden shed, don’t forget the fun details. Garden sheds today don’t just sit on a section of grass in the yard. Your garden shed can be landscaped as much as, if not more than, your home. From walking paths and potted plants outside to porches and old-fashioned swings, your garden shed can take on a life of its own.

When coming up with plans for your garden shed get-away, be sure to leverage this list of nine tips to make sure you aren’t later disappointed.

  1. Windows – let that light in
  2. Shutters – for decoration or for function
  3. Electricity – wine fridges, laptops, and televisions will all need electricity
  4. Air conditioning or window units – keep yourself cool
  5. Portable floor heaters – stay warm when it’s cold outside
  6. Wide doorways – make sure there is room to move in a couch, chair, or other large items
  7. Security – protect your new space with proper security components
  8. Insurance – don’t forget to add your new space to your insurance policy
  9. Fire-safety – if your shed has an upper level, be sure to add a fire ladder so that it is easy to get out should a fire occur