How Much Does it Cost to Build a 16×20 Shed?

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If you need a larger shed a 16×20 would make a great addition to your property. A 16 x 20 shed would provide quite a bit of space and can be put to use in many different ways. A shed this large is a good size for most yards and versatile enough to serve many purposes. This or any size shed can solve any family’s need for extra storage space and protect items from damage caused by rain, snow, and the hot sun.

How Can You Use a 16×20 Shed?

A 16×20 storage shed can be used to store protect and secure all of your lawn and garden equipment. But you might choose to use your shed as a garage for a small vehicle or store a recreational vehicle such as an ATV or boat. A 16 by 20 shed doesn’t just have to be a storage space, though. A shed of this size could also be used as an office, a playroom, or an art studio. Of course you’ll want to provide electricity for any of these uses. Once you buy or build your shed, you can finish the interior walls any way you want to match the use of the space.

What Are These Buildings Made Of?

Just like other storage sheds, 16×20 sheds are made out of a variety of materials – the most common ones being wood, vinyl, or metal. Wooden sheds are very popular and provide an authentic and natural appearance in your yard. Wood sheds are available in various shingle and paint colors and can be customized.
A vinyl shed is a long-lasting option that requires very minimal maintenance. But many people simply don’t like the way vinyl sheds look. Metal sheds are sturdy and structurally secure as well as low cost. But again, most people simply prefer the warmth and cozy look of wooden sheds over metal sheds.

Cost Estimate for 16×20 Shed

You can buy the materials for a wooden 16×20 shed for about $2500. If you prefer to buy and not build the shed yourself, the cost will be more like $4200. A vinyl shed is between $4,500 and metal sheds start at around $3,000.

No matter what type of 16×20 shed you choose for your property, there is a material and design to fit your needs. Start by choosing a space in your yard and deciding if you would rather save money and build it yourself or pay more to have it made for you.