What’s the Best Storage Shed Construction Material?

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Let’s face it. The typical American homeowner accumulates a lot of stuff over time. And for those who have a yard to maintain, that stuff can grow enormously over the years. From gardening tools to lawnmowers, trimmers, and more, you need a place to put all of that stuff. Storage sheds provide the perfect solution as they help to keep your garage clean and free of clutter and provide easy access to the items you need when you need them.

Selecting a storage shed material type can be a bit challenging. There are many materials that storage sheds are made from, making the selection a bit complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

Common Storage Shed Construction Materials to Serve any Need

Common storage sheds include wooden sheds, vinyl sheds, resin sheds, and metal sheds. Within these material types there are a variety of designs and sizes too. This list below will help you better understand the sheds so that you can better narrow down the style, leaving you with the fun part of selecting colors, size, and more.

  • Wooden sheds. These units are visually pleasing, easy to customize, and are strong and durable. However, when not appropriately constructed or used in rainy areas or where water and moisture often accumulate, they are far more likely to rot than other styles. Wooden sheds also tend to be more expensive than their vinyl, resin, and metal counterparts.

These sheds will require a bit more maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. In most cases, a fresh coat of paint or stain every few years will do the trick. Also essential to keep in mind is the risk of insect infestation. Insects may find your shed to be an appealing home for them to take up residence in. Thus, investment in a naturally insect-resistant wood such as red cedar can help your shed last longer.

  • Vinyl and resin sheds – These units, sometimes referred to as plastic sheds, are rot, rust, and insect resistant. They are low maintenance and easy to move, making them ideal when you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on installation or moving costs. However, these sheds aren’t always as aesthetically pleasing as other common shed varieties.
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Vinyl sheds make a great choice for colder climates as they are not likely to crack. Their weather resistance makes them great in the cold as well as in hot and humid climates. Though not all vinyl sheds are made out of the same materials, they are largely more economical than other options.

  • Metal sheds – Metal sheds are rot and insect resistant, highly durable, and often inexpensive compared to their counterparts. However, they are often less customizable and are not as visually pleasing. In addition to their lessened curb appeal, they are also more prone to rusts and water leaks than other storage shed styles.
metal shed

But, similar to plastic sheds, metal sheds are built to last and require very little maintenance. One of the reasons they are so cost-effective as that you won’t need to worry about investing money in paint, stain, and other standard maintenance supplies. This said, depending on the climate and environment where you live, they might not be as sturdy as you would expect. Though durable and built to last, metal sheds can often seem flimsy. Further, they are easily dented and are not suggested if you will be moving a lot of heavy (and potentially damaging) equipment in and out regularly.

All in all, metal storage offers a great solution for those needing a cost-effective shed. If custom features aren’t a need, or if you have a property where your shed won’t be as visible to others (such as farmland or acreage properties), a metal shed may be a great choice for you.

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Picking the Best Storage Shed Design

Once you have your preferred shed material, the next step is to determine the design that appeals to you. Typical designs include the standard A-frame, barn, craftsman, modern, saltbox, and lean-tos. Most of these designs are relatively self-explanatory, making the selection one of personal preference and function more than anything else.

Today, storage sheds are used for far more than just storage. Many homeowners look to storage shed options as an extension of their home and not just their garage. For instance, artists, especially painters and potters, often leverage storage sheds as art studios. The modern remote worker has been known to set up a home office environment in craftsman, saltbox, and studio-style sheds. To do so, all that is needed is a window and an electrical outlet, providing a great opportunity to get away from the house with the feel of going to an office, all without the commute.