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Are desperately in need of more storage space? An outdoor shed may be the perfect DIY solution for you. Of course you could just pay someone to build a shed for you but not only would that be incredibly expensive, it also wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying as building a shed with your own two hands.

However, trying to do any project going in blind is likely to lead to disaster. That’s why you need a detailed plan to tell you what materials to use, what the correct dimensions are, and how to put everything together correctly. We’re going to give you the rundown on 3Dshedplans.com, and what kind of plans they offer. We hope this review gives you a better idea of whether these premium shed plans are right for you and your project.

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3DShedPlans: Overview

3Dshedplans offers plans for Gable, Lean-To, and Hip Roof sheds. Here is what you can expect to receive when you buy one of these plans:

  • PDF plans compatible with PC/MAC/Tablet/Mobile
  • Complete Materials list with quantity, cuts, tools, and hardware required
  • 3D images that give you all the angles to see how the shed should fit together
  • 40+ pages of detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Easy to follow guides for beginners and experts alike
  • Pro-tips for every step to make things go even smoother
  • Instructions on laying the proper foundation for your shed

Next let’s break things down even further into the different aspects you’ll want to consider before purchasing one of these plans:

Price: Each plan costs $30. This is pretty standard fare for shed plans. When you consider that it often costs anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 to get professionals to build your shed, only paying $30 plus materials is going to save you quite a bit of cash (and its more fun too!). BONUS: Our readers save 30% off all plans by using this coupon code.

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Variety: Once again the variety is not bad but not great either. There are currently 39 shed plans available on 3DShedplans for sizes ranging from 4×8 to 16×24. Obviously you can tweak the design you buy to add in your personal touches, but if you are looking to really get into the more complex and crazy builds (triangular sheds, barn sheds, decks, lattice, garage doors, etc.) you may need to look elsewhere.

Difficulty: These plans are designed for DIYers of all levels. With step-by-step instructions, material lists, and 3D rendered images, you’ll never be left wondering what to do next. The Pro-tips section is a really nice touch for beginners to woodworking to help build the shed and improve their knowledge for future projects.

Pros and Cons of 3DShedPlans.com

Now that we’ve gone over a couple of different aspects, let’s recap with some Pros/Cons of 3DShedPlans:

PRO: 3D images help you see every angle of the desired product to get a better understanding of how everything fits together.

PRO: Included pro-tips sections set these plans apart and can give you a leg up on current and future DIY projects.

PRO: Exhaustive materials list that lets you know everything you need in order to build your shed.

PRO: Plans are in a pdf format which means you can get them instantly and use them on any device (PC/MAC/Tablet/Mobile).

PRO/CON: All plans are $30, no matter the complexity (this could be a pro or a con depending on how complex your desired build will be).

CON: There isn’t too much variety when compared to other premium shed plans. Only 3 types of sheds and no guides for any extra features like garage doors or windows.

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CON: Although the plans are designed for modifications and personal touches, it might be hard for beginners to accurately make these changes with no guidance from the plan.

Final Thoughts

3DShedPlans.com is a good option if you are looking for detailed plans on building a Gable, Lean-To, or Hip Roof shed. Although the variety is a little lacking, the quality of the plans you do get is still very high. If you are looking to build a simple storage shed with clear instructions, these plans would definitely be a good investment.