Storage Shed Sale – How to Find a Cheap Storage Shed

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There’s lots of places that sell storage sheds, both online and offline. There’s huge retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Wayfair, Amazon, and others. There’s also many companies that specialize in just selling sheds such as Alans Factory Outlet, Capitol Sheds, Tuff Sheds, Leonard, Jamaica Cottage Shop, and many more. One of the most common questions I get asked is “How to I find the cheapest storage shed?” That’s a good question because it’s not easy to compare the prices on sheds from so many different sellers. For one, they all don’t have the exact same sheds. Also, prices don’t stay the same – sometimes each of these shed sellers has sales on some of their sheds. There’s also so many different shed designs, even of the same size, so it can be hard to find the find exact shed you want in more than one place.

Lowe’s Storage Shed Sale – Save 17%

If you’re really picky about the shed you want to buy – if you know exactly what size and design you want – then you may not be able to compare prices and save – there may be only one option. But if you are more flexible and many different sizes and types will work for you, then here’s an excellent way to find a cheap storage shed. Using this method is kind of like creating your own sale on sheds. There’s 3 parts to this deal, and in total you will save 17%.

Step 1. Buy a coupon on ebay that will save you 10% off at Lowe’s. I’ve done this many times and yes they are real coupons that really work. Some coupons are mailed to you and others are sent to your email address and require you to print them. Either way is ok.

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Step 2. Get a credit card that saves you 5% off at home improvement stores. Usually these work for certain periods each year. Here’s a few cards that offer this deal: Discover, Chase, Capitol One

Step 3. Sign up for a Rakuten account (formerly eBates) for free and buy your shed online at Lowe’ Rakuten will send you a rebate of 2% of the cost of the shed.

That’s it! I know each of these steps requires a bit of work. But each is really simple to do and 17% off of a $2000 shed will save you $340! 17% savings of a $4000 shed is $640! Savings like this is totally worth it to me.

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