3 Plastic Sheds You Won’t Regret Buying

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It’s that time of year again, when the air is turning slightly less frigid and the promise of spring is lurking underneath crusty, leftover snow. It’s also that time when we start thinking about spring cleaning – clearing out old junk from garages, unused clothes from closets and reorganizing essentials we can’t let go of.

A new shed could be just the motivation you need to finally create the proper storage for all your goods. Sheds provide adequate space for storage without being too intrusive in your yard or driveway. There are tons of different styles and brands to choose from so it can be difficult to know which one will meet your needs.

These three sheds may be plastic but they’re sturdy, well-crafted, and stylish. They all make an excellent choice for someone looking to buy affordable extra storage space.

Rubbermaid 7 x 7 Feet Weather Resistant Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

This Rubbermaid shed is great for those who live in an area that gets all kinds of weather from rain to snow to bright sun. It is constructed with durable double-wall resin that is leak and dent resistant to keep your tools and equipment safe and secure.

Although it is plastic, it’s designed to look as though it is shingled for a stylish yet sturdy look that will match well with any type of home. The neutral color and farmhouse doors will appeal to most homeowners. (The bonus: plastic will never rot or rust.)

This 332 cubic foot shed can easily accommodate a riding mower as well as other landscaping tools. It features 2 windows and utility and handle hooks. It also comes with 1 34-inch tool and sport rack to organize items with an awkward size or shape (like lawn tools with long handles).

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You can also add shelving, pegboards and other hooks to easily store tools and equipment on the walls to clear floor space for heavier items. The solid storage shelf is designed to hold up to 50 pounds. The rear vents will keep air circulating to prevent odors and moisture.

Rubbermaid products are designed to last, and this storage shed is no different. Its Roughneck design will stand up to years of inclement weather and heavy use. It’s easy to construct and is made with impact immune flooring for exceptional longevity. It’s no wonder this versatile plastic storage shed is so popular with customers. You won’t be disappointed.

Lifetime 8 x 15 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

If you’re looking for something a bit larger, this plastic shed from Lifetime is a winner. This shed measures 180 x 96 x 96 inches and features sturdy steel-reinforced dual-wall High-Density polyethylene (HDPE). For added strength and durability, the roof has heavy-duty steel trusses. In addition to this extra support, the roof is high-pitched for better drainage making it ideal for those who live in colder, wetter climates.

This plastic shed features a simple and sleek design that will seamlessly fit with any style home. The steel-reinforced doors are lockable for added safety and security. Inside, the shed comes with fully customizable shelving to help organize all your tools and equipment. Added details, like shatter proof windows, skylights and slip resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) flooring provide even more value. The low maintenance design will not only protect against the elements but also prevent paint or oil spills and accidents from destroying the space. It’s so roomy and well protected, it would make for a perfect she-shed.

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As the largest shed on our list, this is great for those who have the space and need for tons of extra storage. This attractive lifetime shed is big enough to store kayaks, riding mowers, wheelbarrows – you name it. With the adjustable shelving, you will have adequate space to organize all your toys and tools in a neat and tidy shed. And it’s much cheaper than building your own shed.

Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

Another Rubbermaid option for a smaller space is the 60 x 79 x 54-inch Slide-Lid Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed. This shed is available in two neutral colors and is designed to meet standard fence height requirements for an inconspicuous look.

This shed features tough, double-walled construction to keep your tools and equipment well protected from harsh weather. The doors use a cane-bolt locking mechanism to keep your items safe and secure. You can also access your stored good from the roof. Rollers allow the lid to slide back so you can easily reach items in the back of the shed.

This is a great choice for those looking to store large garbage bins, bicycles, push mowers, and other lawn equipment that needs protection. While this shed is the smallest of the three, it is built with Rubbermaid’s Roughneck design that won’t rust, rot, leak or dent. The floor is also designed for durability and is impact resistant. This shed built to last.

While shelving and accessories are not included, they can be purchased separately and installed if necessary. Power tool holders and accessory kits can be particularly useful in keeping tools tidy without sacrificing space. The easy access sliding lid makes it a breeze to access hanging items.

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Plastic Sheds Offer Affordable Extra Storage Space

Even the Maria Kondos of organizing sometimes needs a little extra storage space. A shed is perfect, economical way to create more space without losing any room in your house or garage. A dedicated shed area can help keep dangerous or awkwardly shaped equipment and tools away from kids and pets while remaining protected and secure.

Each of these plastic shed options are low to no maintenance, safe, durable and attractive to boot. Whichever one you ultimately choose, you won’t regret your purchase.