3 Crucial Tools You Need to Build a Shed Properly

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If you’re in need of some extra space and are ready to embark on a DIY adventure, you may be wanting to build a shed on your own. Whether you just have extra stuff that you need some storage space for, or if you’re looking for a backyard escape or man cave, a shed might be a great addition to your home. The task can seem daunting, but there are many tools and devices that can make it a lot easier and more enjoyable. If you have completed other DIY projects around your home, you may already have some or most of what you need to build your shed. 

Let’s take a look at 3 tools you need to build a shed properly. 

Critical Power Tools to Build a DIY Shed

1. Back in the day, cordless power drills were typically not as powerful as corded ones, so builders were oftentimes forced to utilize a power source for their drills. Now, however, cordless drills are just as powerful and are much more convenient and accessible than corded drills. For building a shed, it is best to invest in a 20-volt or better, as stronger drills will be able to drill through larger pieces of wood more easily. 

2. While DIY lovers can get away with lighter nail guns for smaller projects, shed builders should definitely invest in a good framing nailer. These are a bit heavier than other nailers such as finish nailers but are a better option for people building decks, homes, sheds, and other large structures. Most of the framing nailers on the market today are cordless, which is perfect for working outside on your shed. I bought the Dewalt battery framing nailer for my shed. Then I went on to use it to build a treehouse and chicken coop.

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3. Many shed builders will tell you their favorite piece of equipment is their miter saw. Miter saws are excellent tools because they allow users to clean, straight cuts on 2×4’s and other frame lumber. These saws also cut wood at various angles, which is a necessity when you need to cut things like window casings and frames for the doors. Miter saws provide more accuracy than cutting by hand and are also much faster, meaning they are should be at the top of the list of shed construction tools. 

Other Shed Building Tools

Of course, your shed is going to have a roof, so you’ll need a way to get up there! For this, investing in a sturdy ladder is an absolute necessity. Traditional extension ladders work well, but if you’re looking for something different, there are many telescoping multi-position ladders on the market that can eliminate your need to have both an extension ladder and a typical foldable step ladder. 

Shed building definitely requires a level, as we oftentimes cannot tell something is not measured precisely with just our naked eye until later when we notice something looks “off.” If you’re building a typical shed, you will probably want to have a 4-foot level. These days, you can even find digital levels that will guide you and give you nearly perfect measurements. These will help you throughout the entire building process, including when you raise the walls. 

Tape measures come in handy for all kinds of home projects, and building a shed is no different. You’ll use a tape measure for nearly every aspect of the shed construction process. You will want to have a tape measure with easy-to-read measurements on it to ensure you are cutting the proper sizes of materials. If you want to go one step better, get a laser measure tool. They’re faster, more accurate, and easier to use than a traditional tape measure.

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Another basic yet crucial tool to have when you build your shed is a hammer. The hammer will come in handy when placing the corner markers, but also at random times throughout the shed building process, such as if you feel an extra nail is needed somewhere but don’t want to fire up the nail gun again. Keep in mind that a framing hammer can be of extra use when building a shed. 

Painting tools such as a paint sprayer and a paint roller are also absolutely crucial when building your beautiful shed. Sprayers are quick, but rollers are oftentimes more reliable and you don’t run the risk of anything clogging. 


Before you embark on your DIY shed-building adventure, be sure to check the local laws and regulations in your area to make sure the type of structure you are looking to build is indeed allowed. Of course, it would be nice if we could all have the top-tier tools to build sheds, but your tools and materials will always depend on your budget. You’ll also need to decide what size shed to build. And a set of high quality shed plans will save you countless hours of frustration and headaches. Good plans allow you to see each step of the construction clearly and from multiple angles. Once you decide what you need and ensure your shed is within local codes, you’re free to begin building the shed of your dreams.