Cost to Build an 8 x 12 Shed

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An 8 x 12 shed can be used as a workspace, yard storage, or even as a gardening center. As with building any size shed, there are a number of factors that determine what the final building cost will be. There are numerous types of foundations that can be used for sheds. And this is just one factor to consider when determining the overall cost to build an 8 x 12 shed. Roof design is another factor. The most common type of shed has a basic gable roof. A shed this size with common design and material type will be about $1900 if you build it on your own. Plan to spend twice this much for the construction of a brand new shed built for you. To get a more exact shed cost estimate use this calculator.

What Materials Are Needed to Build an 8 x 12 Storage Shed?

Of course the biggest factor when determining shed cost is the choice of material. A shed can be built using steel or bricks, but most commonly are built using wood. Wood is easiest for most DIYers to work with, is readily available, and (relatively) affordable.

Reasons to Build Sheds

People construct sheds for every reason you can imagine, but most typically for lawn tool storage (mowers, yard carts, snowblower, etc), recreational equipment storage (bikes, camping gear, kayaks, etc), home offices, or workshops. Some sheds are very simple wooden structures while others include plumbing, indoor wiring, and more. If you plan to use the space for hobbies or as a workshop, you may even need insulation and drywall. Windows can be added to allow natural light inside the space. Consider your shed use when thinking about the materials needed and the final budget for your shed.

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Calculating the Actual Cost of Building an 8 x 12 Shed

As we mentioned earlier in the post, you can expect to pay $20 per square foot for an 8 x 12 wooden shed. But this value varies greatly along with the current cost of lumber. It also varies with the design of shed you choose. Your first step should be to choose a shed plan and location on your property.