How Much Does 10 x 12 Shed Cost to Build Yourself?

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How many square feet is a 10×12 shed? Of course 120 sq ft should be the obvious answer, but you could be wrong! Depending on which shed plans you use, In some cases, the real inside dimensions of a 10×12 shed can be 107 sq ft or less. That’s because some shed plans (or shed companies, if you buy a shed) use “nominal size” when advertising their building dimensions. Nominal size measurements are taken from roof-edge to roof-edge instead of from the building corners. This means a shed with 5 inches of eave overhangs could be advertised as 10’ wide while only having a real corner-to-corner measurement of 9’2”. Make sure to ask your shed company how their buildings are measured!

The other thing to remember is that outside-to-outside corner measurements are not taking into account the space lost from the thickness of the walls. If your outside corner-to-corner dimensions are a true 10×12, you still need to do a little math to figure out how much inside storage space you have to work with. If your shed is framed with 2x4s, you’ll lose about ¾” from the plywood/siding and another 3½” from the studs. That’s over a 4” difference from outside to inside on each wall, meaning your shed’s interior measurements are about 9’4” x 11’4”. In the end, the actual storage space inside a 10×12 shed with 2×4 walls is often closer to 107 sq ft. This might not matter for your application, but it might matter a great deal. Just be sure to know this before you build or buy.

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Is a 10×12 Shed Big Enough?

10×12 sheds provide a lot of extra room while still fitting into smaller yards. But does a 10×12 storage shed provide enough storage space to fit your needs? A 10×12 shed is big enough for a riding lawnmower, a push lawnmower, a snowblower, a wheelbarrow, and several stacks of storage boxes. Obviously, your specific storage needs will vary, so this just gives you a general idea.

A 10×12 shed is a great option for storing a single large item like a mower, ATV, or motorcycle, along with smaller tools and items. It’s a great idea to get rough measurements of the larger items you’re hoping to store so you can plan their placement in the shed. Adding shelves and/or a loft to your 10×12 shed will allow you to go vertical with the storage of your smaller items, leaving more room on the floor for larger equipment.

Other 10×12 Shed Uses

10×12 storage sheds can even be big enough to convert into home offices or hobby space sheds. Lately it’s become quite popular to convert traditional storage sheds into creative spaces to do art, workout, or carpentry. There’s really no limit to what you can do with the extra space a 10×12 storage sheds will provide.

Rough Cost Estimate for 10×12 Shed Materials

Assuming the shed is constructed of 2×4 wooden studs, has 4×4 wooden post foundation, and shingles for roofing material, the cost should be as follows: $2200. Of course this is assuming you do the construction work yourself.