How Much Does a 10 x 16 Shed Cost?

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Wood storage sheds provide the benefit of a more traditional aesthetic. Those looking to create a tiny home or habitable structure may find that sheds constructed from pine wood provide a more welcoming look. Wood storage sheds are usually easier to match to the main structure of your home. This allows you to achieve a more uniform feel on your property.

10×16 Workshop Storage Shed

A 10×16 shed is a popular size shed to be used as a workshop because it’s just the right layout for your workbench and power tools. With room for a double door and two windows, it is ideal for work, storage, or relaxation. Simple and budget-friendly, a gable-style workshop shed is renowned for its versatility, blending with all architectural styles quite well.

Classic Gambrel 10×16 Backyard Shed

A gambrel roof allows you to maximize your interior storage space. These barn-style sheds combine a modern aesthetic with old-world charm. Featuring plenty of overhead room for a loft, you can get more square footage with a smaller footprint. The sloped roof of a gambrel shed makes it suitable for colder climates. Rain, snow, and debris slide easily off the structure, so that roof load is never a concern.

10×16 Storage Shed Pricing

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of a 10×16 storage shed. The shed design and materials you select will be the largest contributor. Roof type also plays a large role, with traditional, A-frame, and boxed eave roofs serving as a more midrange option. Meanwhile, gambrel-style roofs and vertical roof panels typically cost more.

Based on these factors and more, the general pricing for the materials to build a 10×16 storage shed starts at $2600.

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