Best 4 Places to Buy Sheds Online in the UK

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Whether you need a sheltered corner to store tools or a comfy cabin to act as a summer hideout, sheds can be a perfect way of turning vacant outdoor space into something useful, fun, or even luxurious.  

But once you’ve decided to add one to your garden, the choice of retailers can feel overwhelming. For those who like to browse from the comfort of their own wi-fi, there are now a wealth of online UK sellers to choose from.

So how do you know who to trust? Which online UK stores offer the best quality and the best value? What sort of factors do you need to consider when buying a shed online? And who are the most trusted UK companies selling sheds today?

We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the UK’s leading online shed retailers in order to answer some of these questions in more detail. You’ll soon be feeling confident about selecting the right merchant and the right shed for you. 

What to look out for when buying a shed online 

Gone are the days in which the only way to buy a shed was to drag the family to your local garden centre on a weekend. You can now have a shed designed, purchased, delivered, and even assembled in your back garden, all at the click of a button.

But with the ease of ordering there comes a few things you may want to consider. Even if you’re on a budget and looking for something small and simple, you don’t want your toolshed collapsing the first time it meets a moderate wind. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a durable, functional shed that can last twenty years or more, so take the time to ensure your online merchant is reputable and that they’re selling a sturdy product that fits your needs. 

Before we take a closer look at some specific online UK retailers, here are some points you might wish to consider when doing your own research. 

country shed in the UK

Who are the company and what do they know about sheds?

This might sound obvious, but it pays to do a bit of company-related reading before parting with any hard earned cash. 

Are they an experienced retailer when it comes to outdoor structures and furniture? How long have they been operating? Are they shed specialists or a general store distributing all manner of household goods? If the latter, are they able to match the specific product knowledge and experience of a dedicated shed manufacturer?

Customer reviews can also be a good indicator of product quality and service. Check Trust Pilot or other review sites to get a sense of how reliable the firm have proved in terms of delivery, customer service, and build quality.

How detailed are the product descriptions for their sheds? 

Sheds come in many forms, but their differences aren’t limited to size and shape alone. The more details you can glean from a product description, the better chance you have of choosing the right shed for your garden. 

Has the wood been treated? Where does the material come from? How are the windows, doors, and ceiling secured, and what are these parts built from? 

Most reputable manufacturers and brands will offer some form of warranty. These can range from anywhere between 1 year and 25 years, with each warranty covering different aspects of use. Some sheds may offer guarantees against rust, rot, or decay. Others may have warranties against panels breaking or parts failing. 

The terms and length of a guarantee can serve as a useful measure of how much trust a manufacturer actually puts into the product they’ve built, so always check the warranty. 

Are there additional costs you need to consider for your shed?

Sheds need a level, solid base to stand on. This usually needs to be prepared by you or installed by professionals. The larger the structure, the closer attention you’ll need to pay to any required foundations. 

Some firms offer prefabricated bases for their sheds, but this often comes at an additional cost, sometimes in the £100s. Make sure you don’t get caught out by unforeseen extras. 

Similarly, the majority of sheds bought online are sold with the understanding that you will be able to assemble it yourself. If you want a professional team to assemble it for you, this will almost inevitably cost you extra. 

Is there an option to view your garden shed before buying online? 

Sometimes, nothing can beat seeing a shed yourself before choosing to have it shipped. This is why many people still prefer taking a trip to their local garden centre rather than trusting to the online marketplace. 

Many online sellers know this, which is why some retailers have retained physical show rooms which customers can use to preview products before ordering online. If seeing the timber before you buy is important to you, pick an online store that allows you to do so. 

Best places to buy a shed online in the UK

Let’s take a closer look at some popular online retailers for sheds in the UK. We’ll be thinking about each company’s history and reputation, weighing up some of their pros and cons, and giving you an idea of the products and services they can provide.

garden shed and table is a company priding itself on the sheer range of options available to its customers, with more than 500 sheds from a variety of brands being offered on this site. You can browse via  a range of filters, allowing you to sort by cladding, building style, door type, wood treatment, and more. 

Products range from 4’ x 5’ budget metal sheds for around £200, to 16 foot security sheds costing anywhere upwards of £5000. are in fact a subdivision of Sixty Stores Ltd., a larger ecommerce firm that operates a number of online stores selling everything from mini-fridges to personalised gifts. They don’t manufacture their sheds themselves, acting instead as a distributor for trusted brands. 

That being said, they do have a show-room available, allowing customers to view their full range of standard and premium shed products, as well as various roofing, floor, colour, and cladding options. The show-room is based in Stratford-upon-Avon and bookings are required.

TigerSheds pride themselves on detailed workmanship, quality of material, and a long, successful history of manufacturing premium, durable shed products for UK customers. 

They trace their beginnings to a timber mill being established in Leeds back in 1913. Since then, the company have progressed from owning a single workshop producing sheds and log cabin to a trusted firm employing more than 150 people across 3 UK-based sites. They also own their own mill, allowing them to keep a close eye on timber quality. 

TigerSheds cheapest models are small ‘tool towers’ costing around £300. More sizeable models go into the thousands. 

The company is keen to draw attention to the quality of their slow-grown timber, their thick framing, and the durability of their structures. Their wooden sheds are all designed and made in the UK and each product comes with a 20 year guarantee. 

They also have a showsite at Woodlands DIY store, based in Leeds. 

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Established in 2005, are another online distributor of various shed brands, rather than a manufacturer producing their own. 

Brands they sell include Forest, Canopia, YardMaster, Palmako, and Trimetals. Sheds range from 5’ x 3’ budget options costing in the range of £150, all the way up to 20’ x 10’ workshop-style constructs. 

Their website provides a useful and detailed shed buyers guide, helping you to think more closely about some of the material and design aspects of your prospective shed. 

Installation is available as an option with some of their sheds, but this is dependent on the manufacturer. 

They don’t offer a showroom, but claim that lower overheads associated with operating as an online merchant mean they can often offer lower prices than the RRP’s advertised by manufacturers. 

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This family run business has been selling outdoor and leisure products for more than 20 years. They boast an in-house design team and claim to manufacture and deliver all their wooden structures from their UK factory. 

The website also offers price-match guarantees on many products, as well as 10 year warranties on many of their sheds. The BillyOh shed brand form part of the GardenBuildingsDirect range, with prices starting at around £200 for smaller models.

Unfortunately, the website can prove a bit cluttered at times, making it slightly harder to navigate and browse when compared to competitors.

Dunter House portray themselves as the ‘leading garden building and climbing frame supplier’ in the UK, a reputation built on more than 25 years of operation. They’ve also helped design and supply products to international charities such as Oxfam. 

What started out as a small, family-owned firm with a single factory now runs workshops and distribution centres across the United Kingdom, though many of their products are manufactured and assembled overseas. 

Dunster House draw attention to their slow-grown, spruce timber, as well as their industry-leading security features on many of their larger sheds. This could make them a good choice for those looking to build outdoor office spaces or secure storage.

Small sheds start at around £250, with security structures and office-style blocks stretching above £6000. are an online retailer with more than 18 years experience. Like other online distributors, they claim that lower overheads allow them to offer discounted rates on popular brands. 

As with other merchants offering a broad range of sheds, prices tend to start at around £200 and climb into the thousands for larger, sturdier models. 

Depending on the manufacturer of the specific shed you choose, installation services may be available. 

General DIY stores 

Popular UK stores such as B&Q, Homebase, and Wickes all offer online shopping and are often trusted by customers simply on the strength of their names. 

Though they may not offer the same specialised service as dedicated manufacturers, they often offer good value for money. On the other hand, you are unlikely to find the same range of shed products as you would if browsing via a specific shed merchant. 

Final thoughts

Whether you choose a large, multi-brand distributor or a dedicated manufacturer to supply your new shed, try to pay attention to details before parting with your cash. 

Think carefully about the purpose of your shed as well as the space you have available. Consider practical and material aspects before buying, including foundation requirements, the style of structure, and the material you want your shed built from. Finally, pay attention to any additional costs you might incur and make sure to check out that warranty so that you know what you’re covered for.

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