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Pulling your hair out trying to find extra room to store your things? You may need to start looking into outdoor storage solutions (like a shed). An outdoor shed is a great way to store lawncare equipment, tools, gasoline, etc. But where would you even start a project like that?

Believe it or not, trying to eyeball and build an entire shed by yourself is a pretty bad idea. In order to build a proper shed you need detailed, step-by-step instructions with precise measurements and proper illustrations. While there are some pretty good free plans out there, none of those compare to the level of detail you’ll get with paid shed plans like sells. And if you want to get into more complicated shed features like installing windows, double doors, gutter systems, shutters, or lattice, you’ll likely need a premium plan. That’s where comes in. Is it Worth it?

Before you spend money on anything, you likely want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. So, are these premium plans worth it? We’re here to help you make a more informed decision on whether you should purchase one of these premium plans or not. We’ll start by going over what’s included in ShedPlans premium plans:

  • Materials list including hardware required
  • Measurements for all necessary lumber cuts
  • Step-by-step instructions geared towards beginner woodworkers
  • Colored illustrations for proper references
  • Instructions for siting and laying a proper foundation for your shed
  • Easy to follow guides for building your own doors and windows
  • Detailed plans for decorative elements like lattice or shutters (only in some plans)
  • Illustrated instructions on installing your own gutter system
  • Building instructions for installing your own barn doors (only in some plans)
  • Building diagrams for a louvered vent system (only in some plans)
  • Instructions for installing a gable roof (only in some plans)
  • How-tos on installing your own garage door or a lift door (only in some plans)
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Next we’ll break down things to consider before deciding whether to buy one or more of these plans:

Variety- There are currently 50 premium plans available on This included plans for shed sizes ranging from 8×8 to 16×24. There’s also plans available for any type of shed you could possibly imagine. Garden sheds, garage sheds, bike sheds, barn sheds, they have it all.

Price- Each premium shed plan ranges from $30-$35 in price. This is a typical price for a premium shed plan, although notably these plans don’t vary in price for more complex builds like you might find in other plan providers.

Expertise- These plans are not made by hobbyists. They are professionally engineered to ensure your shed building experience will be as smooth (and fun) as possible.

Ease of use- While these are professionally engineered plans, they are still geared towards beginners. With lists of what you’ll need and exact lumber measurements, you won’t need to worry about calculating everything yourself. There are also step-by-step guides for the most complex tasks so you shouldn’t get lost and confused looking at a bunch of numbers with no real instructions. You can also easily find the specific plan you are looking for, as each plan has an illustration of the finished product on the cover.

Pros and Cons of

Now that we’ve covered what is included and what you should expect from the plans, here are some pros and cons to weigh when deciding whether to purchase the plan:

PRO: Many plans do not include instructions on extra features like garage doors, lattice, shutters, windows, vent systems, etc. These plans give you the best bang for your buck if you want to include any of these extras without buying a different plan.

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PRO: Some plansonly feature sketches and illustrations, while these plans also include step-by-step instructions so you will always know what you need to do.

PRO: Professionally engineered plans that you can trust.

CON: Prices are the same for smaller or simpler shed designs.

CON: Good mix of shed designs but aren’t all encompassing, there are some more complex designs they might not have.

Final Thoughts has premium plans that are perfect for those wanting to add extra features on their sheds. The only downside is with only 50 plans there might not be the exact design you’re looking for.

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