Best 5 Places to Buy Storage Sheds Online

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Storage sheds are one of the smartest ways to increase space around your home and garage without spending a fortune. Storage sheds are versatile and can work well in almost any yard. They don’t take up too much square footage but offer plenty of room to store whatever equipment, games, or tools you need to store. They can even increase your property value.

Storage sheds come in a variety of styles sizes with features designed to help keep you organized and protect your belongings. They are made with different materials for different climates and to match a variety of aesthetic preferences.

There are hundreds of different types of sheds to choose from so it may seem that where you buy one doesn’t matter. However, even though there are plenty of places to shop for sheds, where you buy can make a difference. Prices, selection, and customer service all play a major role in helping you purchase with confidence.

Here are 5 of the best places to buy storage sheds online.


Lowe’s is a well-known big box store with locations all around the country and robust online inventory. As a major home improvement retailer, Lowe’s has excellent inventory on storage sheds to match any price point and need. They stock everything from traditional sheds to canopy shelters, to pole barn kits. Whether you need a space for a ride-on lawn mower or are just hoping to keep gardening tools out of the way (especially in the off season), you’ll find a storage unit to suit your needs.

Lowe’s stocks shed accessories as well as all other kinds of gardening and landscaping materials so they can serve as a one-stop-shop for your home and garden. They offer competitive shipping prices and delivery times as well as detailed specs and photos of most sheds on their website. Installation is not included. However, many models are easy to install with directions (and often have reviews of the installation process).

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If you’re leery of buying online, Lowe’s has the advantage of having hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores (and likely one near you). While they may not stock every item in store that you can find online, they will have some selection. If the shed you want is only available online, you can at least talk through your purchase with an employee. Customer service is also available via phone or chat on their website.  

Jamaica Cottage Shop

Jamaica Cottage Shop specializes in all things related to shelter. You won’t find lawnmowers, rakes, or gardening tools here, but you will find top quality sheds, storage solutions, and prefab or module homes. Because they are a specialty shop, you’ll benefit from their decades long professional expertise.

Jamaica Cottage Shop offers a huge selection of shed options with one-of-a-kind options like firewood storage, sugar shacks, and garages as well as many more for general storage. Their unique designs and attention to detail are unparalleled. They use native Vermont lumber that is not only highly durable but also beautiful. Most of their roofing is made from corrugated metal designed to last 30+ years. The team at Jamaica Cottage Shops will work with you to find the style, materials, and design to match your preferences and current home aesthetics.

Although located in Vermont, Jamaica Cottage Shop ships nationwide and to some parts of Canada for free. Most of their sheds are available as pre-cut kits, though you can also buy designs and if you live within a 200-mile radius of Vermont, they can deliver fully assembled sheds.

What sets Jamaica Cottage Shop apart is their helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives. The professionals here understand you may have reservations about purchasing sheds online and assembling at home. They have made the process as easy and seamless as possible and will be with you at every step of the process.

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Visit their comprehensive website to see why they’ve been featured on many popular home improvement shows and networks. You can browse all their sheds, read reviews, get answers to all your questions, and learn how to get in touch with a friendly staff member. Their products and services are some of the best around. They offer easy financing and often run deals and specials throughout the year.


Walmart is another popular place to shop for storage sheds. While they do have brick-and-mortar locations all over the United States, they have many more options available online. You’ll find great prices, and a wide variety of sizes, designs and brands. They stock sheds made of a variety of materials like galvanized steel, plastic, and wood to suit every climate and personal preference.

Walmart offers both basic shed kits and detailed instructions for assembly. Delivery is free and fast, and returns are generally easy. You can read reviews, view pictures and read through the specs of each shed on their website. You can also reach customer service via chat bot or phone.

Walmart is highly convenient as you’ll find any accessories or ancillary items you need. However, because Walmart stocks everything from storage sheds to groceries, you may not experience the same level of expertise as at specialty stores. If you know what you need, it’s a great, affordable option.


No list of online shopping would be complete without mentioning Amazon. Amazon has become a worldwide superstore with anything and everything you need (plus things you didn’t even know you needed!). Storage sheds are no different.

Amazon has a good selection of storage shed with a wide range of prices and sizes. Buying on Amazon is easy and dangerously convenient. Shipping is free and fast and returns are simple. Do read product descriptions and reviews carefully as pictures on some Amazon products can be somewhat misleading. For convenience and price, Amazon is a great place to look for your next storage shed.

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Home Depot

Like Lowe’s, Home Depot is a big name in home improvement with stores all over the United States as well as a massive online presence. As such, they have tons of storage sheds across a variety of brands from which to choose.

Shopping at Home Depot is easy and convenient with all the information you need before purchasing clearly stated on their website. You can view multiple pictures of each shed, see estimated delivery times, get precise measurements, and read helpful reviews.

Like most of the other stores we’ve mentioned, Home Depot offers shed kits or detailed assembly instructions.  You could also have the shed delivered to a store near you and pick up there.

Home Depot offers a number of customer supports like DIY tutorials and design help. Their website is a treasure trove of information with project ideas, helpful calculators, as well as more basic FAQs. Their customer service representatives (either in-store or online) can help you determine what size shed you might need and what materials would be best for your home.

Home Depot also sells accessories and other home improvement materials or gardening tools you might need. Returning items is easy with options to return directly to a store or to ship materials back at your convenience.

Buying a Shed Online is Convenient

Buying a storage shed has never been easier. There are plenty of places you can shop online with confidence to find exactly what you need, in a style you love and within your budget.