What Does It Cost To Build A She Shed?

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She sheds have become increasingly popular in recent years and in many ways are an offshoot of the man-cave craze that still exists today. These she sheds started as small retreat areas that could be used for reading, exercising, crafting, or even just relaxing.

But now, she sheds are being built to take on new roles and are being used as remote offices or salons in addition to being a place for relaxation away from the house. But how much does building a she shed actually cost? In this article, we’ll break down the main factors that affect cost when building your own shed.

She Shed Price Ranges

It’s necessary to point out that there’s no set price for a she shed and they can range anywhere between $600 to over $30,000 or more. That’s a pretty wide price range but most of it comes down to the size and the amenities you want. That huge price gap is also dictated by whether you build completely from scratch, use an existing structure, or buy a kit.

Using an existing shed structure can often be the cheapest and this route can cost under $1,000 and still result in a very nice shed.

A kit is the next least expensive option. These will generally be cheaper on materials than if you bought them all separately. Very nice she shed kits can be found in the range of $3,000 to $5,000. Although, kits can cost up to $10,000 and beyond.

Finally, the most expensive option is to have it all built from scratch. A contractor will charge for this, so you’ll be paying for labor and materials on every aspect of the shed.

If you do all the work yourself you can save the money you would normally pay a contractor, but the materials will still likely be more expensive than if you bought a kit. The upside is you get a totally custom shed built to your exact specification.

Specific She Shed Amenities And Their Costs

With the overview out of the way, it’s time to move into the individual features of the shed and how much each of those features may cost.

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Remember, you don’t need all of these features, and leaving some of these out or adding certain ones can help you budget your build.


Like most structures, building a good one requires a solid foundation and a shed is no different.

For a permanent structure, most builders will prefer to go with a concrete slab as the foundation. Expect to pay between $4-$5 per square foot if you do the work yourself.

Hiring this job out will likely at least double the price, and there may be extra fees involved as well.

Another option is to build the shed on skids. This makes it portable and you may be able to save some money, but this isn’t the best option if the shed is meant to be permanent.


If you want to power your shed you have two main options in this department. The first is to just run power from your house directly to the shed.

If your shed is going to use minimal power, like maybe just a few lights, this can work.

However, if you will need heat and AC in the shed, you will need to put a breaker box in the shed, which will increase the cost.

Hiring an electrician for this task can run anywhere between $1200 for a simple installation and up to $5,000.

The big factors here are the additional breaker box needed and how far the shed is from the power supply. The farther away, the higher the cost.

You can save money by doing this work yourself, and your costs will simply be materials. When doing it yourself, the prices can range anywhere from $100 to about $600 for materials.

Of course, only perform these tasks yourself if you have the qualifications necessary as working with electricity can be extremely dangerous if unqualified.

Bathroom Plumbing

Next up is running water and a bathroom, which in most cases are considered luxuries when it comes to she sheds. However, they do make them much more convenient for longer stays.

To run the supply and drain lines, you can expect to pay at least $1,000 to $1,500.

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Then you will need to build the bathroom itself. This price will depend on whether the shed already has a room built for it or if you will need to frame off a room.

If all you need is the bathroom fixtures, the price can be well under $1000 for materials. If you need to frame off a new room and drywall it, the cost could be as high as $2,500.

One important note is that many of these prices when dealing with bathroom installations involve a relatively normal setup. However, some sheds may be much more difficult based on their location and proximity to utilities.


Depending on the climate where you live, you’re going to want to have air conditioning or heat.

Heat is generally the simpler option of the two. Often, a space heater or electric radiator is good enough. Both of these require virtually no installation. These can range anywhere from $100 for a portable model to $800 for a wall-mounted unit.

For a more expensive but luxurious option, heated floors can be a great alternative. However, these are not cheap and run between $8 and $15 per square foot to install for an electronic system. A hydronic system can sometimes run higher depending on the application and will require a water heater of some kind as well, which increases the overall cost

As for cooling, a mini-split AC unit is the most popular option. These are relatively easy to install or retrofit to an existing shed and will cost about $3000 complete with installation. However, you can save money doing it yourself and units can run as low as $1000 or even less.

Finally, a window AC unit may also work and is the cheapest option for cooling. Installation is easy, although you will lose the view out of one window in a structure that may have limited windows to begin with.

Regardless of your heating and cooling options, you’ll want to insulate the shed. Generally, the cost will be $.25 to $2 per inch and square foot (one board foot).


Almost every local area will require some kind of permit to begin the construction of an outdoor shed. Although every area is different, the prices for these permits can run anywhere between $50 and $300.

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A Few Ways To Save Money On A She Shed

If you’re trying to stretch your budget when pricing out your shed, there are a few key areas to think about.

One is the building and siding materials. Brick is obviously the most expensive. But many owners are using vinyl siding. Modern vinyl siding comes in great colors and textures and it’s cheap and easy to work with.

Probably the biggest contributor to costs is going to be labor. If you have no interest in doing the work yourself, then there’s no way around this fact. However, if you enjoy or are willing to dive into some DIY projects, doing some or all of the labor yourself can literally cut the price of a shed in half, if not more.

Remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself. If there are tasks like electrical or plumbing you would rather hand off to a professional, that’s great. Then you can focus on other jobs where you can learn as you go and save considerable money in the process. Be sure to buy high quality shed plans. They are worth every penny spent on them.

Final Thoughts On She Shed Construction Costs

A she shed can be a great project for homeowners and the end result can really add value to a property, both in cash value but also with the utility of having an extra living space dedicated to a specific purpose.

If planned carefully, you should be able to build a she shed on almost any budget and have a final result you’re proud of.